UMA Auth and UMA PEP Plugin

By Gluu, Inc.


The UMA Plugin transforms Gateway into an UMA Resource Server (RS). Like the OAuth plugin, Gateway enables an admin to define required scopes for clients to access endpoints using a certain method. For unauthorized requests, the plugin registers the resource and returns a permission ticket (per the UMA specification).

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Open Source

This plugin is made freely available under the Apache2 open source license.

Other recommended plugins


OpenID Connect with UMA PEP

This Gateway plugin working as a proxy OAuth 2.0 resource server(RS) and/or as an OpenID Connect relying party(RP) between the client and the upstream service.


Gluu Gateway Metrics Plugin

The metrics plugin gathers statistics for authentication-related events generated by Gluu Gateway against its associated Gluu Server.


Gluu Gateway OAuth Auth and OAuth PEP Plugin

The OAuth Auth and OAuth PEP are used for client authentication and to enforce the presence of OAuth scopes for access to resources protected by the Gateway.

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